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The US department of state has yet to resume expediting services. Its currently taking them 4 weeks on average to Apostille documents. All walk-in services are suspended until further notice.

Monument Visa Service is now affiliated with an FBI Channeler, and we can provide electronic submissions to the FBI for faster processing of your FBI Background check. Click Here to Apply.

The Apostille Convention will officially go into effect in China on November 7, 2023.

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Monument Visa is a family-owned company established in 1998. We provide expedited services for the Authentication or Apostille of documents for use in foreign countries. Consider Monument Visa Service as your primary Document Authentication company if you are looking for a detailed oriented, family-owned company that is readily accessible to the U.S. State Department and Embassies in Washington, DC.

Our website has a list of all the services we provide. Whatever your needs may be, please follow our simple instructions to place an order. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message via email or through our contact form. We will reply to all inquiries within 1 hour during business hours.

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Document Authentication & Travel Services.

Vietnam Document Authentication

To use official documents in Vietnam, they will have to be authenticated by the Vietnam Consulate / Embassy in the country the document was issued.

UAE Document Authentication

Official documents in the United Arab Emirates will have to be authenticated by the United Arab Emirates Consulate / Embassy in the country where the document was issued.

Thailand Document Authentication

Official documents in Thailand will have to be authenticated by the Thailand Consulate / Embassy in the country where the document was issued.

China Z Travel Service

China M Travel Service

China S1 Travel Service

China L Travel Service

From Our Valued Customers

Igor Gawryś
Really helpful, good services :)
Juliette Habimana
Kind, professional and got the documents to us quickly! It was money well spent! The prices are the best, other companies charge 3X as much for the same service.
Rafal Lemanczyk
Excellent service and great communication from start to finish, at a reasonable price. Thank you, well done!
Debora Santiago
Thank you a million 🥳, you guys made me the happiest person, you guys deserve a Nobel prize 🏆, you guys are my hero 🫠. What you guys accomplished, I really thought it wasn't possible, I live in the middle of Peru, and the USA apostille came to my apartment in less than 3 weeks, for a very reasonable price🤗! I recommend you guys to anyone in the world, please continue to do an outstanding service for us the little people ☺️!
David Nguyen
I'm impressed! Got the apostille from the office of authentications by MVS under 3 weeks. Obviously, speed depends on department of state processing. The process w/ MSV couldn't be easier from uploading forms, payment, fast international shipping. Superb communication. Everything is transparent. Would definitely use MSV again the next time I need something apostilled.
Rudy Molinet
My husband and I recently used this service to obtain two apostles for our FBI background check for a visa in Spain. We were told to expect to have it in 2-4 weeks due to delays with the US Dept of State. Much to our delight we had the scan and original documents back in 3 weeks—great attentive service at a reasonable price. We especially appreciated that we received a discount for submitting two documents together. Other services online wanted to charge us for each document which would have doubled the price. Thank your for your excellent and drama-free service!
Maggie Cobbins
I would give 10 stars if I could! I needed an apostille for several documents. Monument Visa was incredibly fast and so affordable; their turnaround time was 1/4 of what other services quoted and the price was 2-3 times less than others. Fantastic customer service - every email was replied to quickly. Thank you Kevin!
Saurabh Inamdar
Needed an FBI Background check apostille - got it back in right under 3 weeks. Highly recommend Monument Visa for any Apostille services, will definitely use again if needed. Thank you!
Gaby Barrow
Love love love using this place. They're quick to message if there's an issue, their instructions are well explained. They also didn't make me feel bad for always asking so many questions!
Jon Hof
I don't normally do reviews, but they were great. I had to get an Apostille for my FBI background. It was supposed to take 11 weeks, they let me know, they got it back to me in around 6 to 8 weeks. I mailed it to them from Peru, they have the lowest prices, others wanted $400. Would definitely go to them again. Customer service was great and response times from them were quick. Thanks!